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At CDSG we believe that a clay shooter is only as good as the equipment allows, therefore we are beginning to stock a specialist range of shooting glasses designed, built and tested by one of North Yorkshire’s leading Optometrists.

This range of glasses are built to order so that dimensions are correct and specific to the user.

Take a look at the full specifications:

Lens Technology

All our lenses are suitable for shooting and fishing, they are made from a high optical grade polycarbonate material similar to the bullet proof canopies used in fighter aircraft. The lenses will help enhance your vision and reduce distortion required by competitive outdoor sports, giving you the edge and protection without compromise. All lenses have a 100% UV filter which  will also shield your eyes from damaging sun rays, they come as standard with a scratch resistant coating to help protect your lenses from everyday wear and tear. For fishing we recommend adding the polarized option.

All our lenses can be provided with a prescription (all prescriptions must be given when ordering the lens).

Polarized Lenses

Light travels in waves from the sun, or even from an artificial light source such as indoor lighting, they vibrate and radiate outward in all directions. Whether the light is transmitted, refracted, reflected, or scattered, if its vibrations are aligned into one or more planes of direction, the light is said to be polarized. Polarization can occur either naturally or artificially, you can see an example of natural polarization every time you look at a lake. The reflected glare off the surface is the light that does not make it through the “filter” of the water, this is the reason why you often cannot see anything below the surface, even if the water is very clear.

In polarized lenses, only the part of the light wave that is not aligned with the slots in the filter can pass through. Everything else is absorbed. The light coming through the filter is considered polarized. This prevents that light scatter from reaching the eye and allowing vision without scatter. This is why it is used by anglers as it allows good vision through the water, enabling accurate positioning of fish.


Yellow Tinted Lens — The yellow tint virtually eliminates the blue part of the light spectrum, blue light tends to bounce and scatter off objects, creating glare known as blue haze. Reducing this blue haze helps to enhance the contrast of clays against overcast or reduced light conditions, increasing the contrast intensity of orange clays and has the effect of making everything bright and sharp. Light Transmission of about 80%

Bespoke Olympic Orange — This is our premium lens for shooting, specially designed by our lab for the Olympic clay shooting team, an excellent all round lens that brightens the surroundings and intensifies the contrast of game and clays in all conditions. This lens increases definition and reduces haze while reducing the blue light transmittance. Light transmission between 70-80%

Smoke Grey — This standard multi-purpose tinted lens is often preferred for the brighter conditions where a darker lens is required. It offers the least amount of colour distortion and good protection from glare.  Often used in field sports and driving. This is a Dark grey tint that allows 20% light transmission.

Purple Lens — For very bright conditions, as with the grey tint, it’s a lens for very bright sunlight and provides great contrast of orange/black targets against a deep blue sky. It has excellent glare reduction properties and popular for clay shooting in bright conditions.


Frames descriptions

All our frames are specially selected for shooting and fishing, they are lightweight metal and have a flat eye size design; this helps to reduce the base curve of the lens which in turn reduces distortion. Unlike most shooting glasses, we aim to give the option of various designs whilst retaining optical performance.

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