Redding reloading supplies UK

Redding Reloading Supplies are coming to CDSG!

Redding reloading supplies UK

Redding reloading supplies are coming to CDSG Reloading

We have some exciting news here at CDSG Ltd, we have received our first shipment of Redding Reloading supplies over from the USA and it’s absolutely packed full of top quality reloading supplies for our customers to drool over.

We will shortly be putting these items on our website and are glad to announce that products such as the immensely popular Redding competition micrometer seating dies and Redding competition bushing 3 die sets will be available for purchase. We do a lot of shooting here at CDSG and one hell of a lot of reloading, we can vouch for the results and performance of Redding dies as we use them for the majority of our precision reloading.

Alistair uses Redding dies for his precision .300 Win Mag loads and the results speak from themselves, 208Gr Hornady Amax seated 5 thou off the lands of his Lothar Walther 1:8 twist barrel enable him to shoot .125″ groups and make consistently good hits on long range rabbits out to distances approaching 800m. Redding dies, especially the micrometer seating die, are essential to this performance because without repeatability and confidence in your ammunition you might as well leave your gun in the cabinet.

Another essential piece of equipment to make hits like this possible¬†is the Kestrel 4500 NV BT Applied Ballistics shooting computer but that’ll appear in a future blog post so check back here soon.

Redding products are being added to the website daily by Mark and Al so if you can’t yet see what you are after then please give us a call.

In the meantime, keep your eyes on our website and if you are after Redding reloading supplies you know who you need to get in touch with – CDSG Ltd 01944 738404


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