Dispatching Expanding Bullets as of 2nd May 2017

At CDSG Ltd, we have spoken to a number of organisations including, BASC, the GTA, Firearms Licensing, and the postal carriers.

We can confirm that as of the 2nd May 2017, we will be able to post expanding bullets within the rifle calibre category however unfortunately we are unable to post and calibres associated to pistol or crossovers (bullets that can be used in rifle and pistol calibres).

For a full statement of legislation regarding the amendment of the firearms act, please visit this link

A statement from BASC can be found below:

Ammunition which expands on impact This reverts to Section 1 and is a major success. This will be hugely beneficial to BASC members who stalk deer or shoot vermin. BASC has been campaigning for this since 1997 when expanding ammunition went into the prohibited category. The expanding missiles have no legal status as they are just inert lumps of metal/plastic. Until now, expanding ammunition could not be possessed on a Section 7 Temporary Permit where a certificate renewal was significantly delayed. This limited a person’s ability to carry out pest, predator and deer management to protect livestock, growing crops and timber. Expanding pistol ammunition will remain controlled in the UK. The EU Weapons Directive 91/477/EEC of the 18 June 1991 prohibited expanding pistol ammunition except for certain purposes e.g. humane dispatch. Pistol cartridge ammunition for rifles will be exempt where it is loaded specifically for rifles of the correct proof. The loading and ballistic qualities, i.e. chamber pressure, must be taken into account rather than the appearance or chamber dimensions. Who will this help? The gun trade will no longer require the Secretary of State’s authority to manufacture. Couriers for the gun trade will no longer have to treat expanding ammunition as prohibited weapons for which extra requirements exist for its security and movement. Loose expanding bullets will not be subject to recording in a dealer’s register of transactions. For firearm certificate holders (personal purchases); couriers such as Royal Mail currently ban the movement of ‘ammunition’ and expanding bullets through their service because of the ‘face-to-face’ transfer requirement in law. As a result of this amendment, expanding bullets will no longer be caught by ‘face to face’ transfer requirement and will be able to be purchased via mail order, subject to service provider terms and conditions. Mail order importation from abroad will no longer be prohibited as such bullets will fall outside import controls. Owners of large calibre rifles designed for hunting dangerous game, e.g. .375 and above, are currently prohibited from possessing expanding ammunition for their rifles in this country. They may not therefore zero and practice in Britain with their rifles using the ammunition which they will be using overseas. They will now be able to do so.

We hope that this clarifies the situation for our customers and remember, if our website allows you to purchase the bullets, you are within the law. If our website states that you need to contact us in order to purchase, the product is not allowed to be sent direct to the end user.

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