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Rimmed case for Taurus .45ACP revolver  


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29/01/2018 2:48 pm  


I've recently bought a Taurus .45ACP revolver but due to the cases being rimless the ejector passes straight by the cases without ejecting them. Reading the manual it says a Stella moon clip is provided to clip the rounds in so that the ejector has something to contact with. All fine other than there's no clips in the box and getting in touch with Highland Outdoors they say Taurus don't supply them any more.

One option (other than prodding the spent cases with a pencil) seems to be to use a Smith & Wesson .45 moon clip but I believe it has to me machined down as its too thick as standard (presumably not an easy task with something that's only 0.003" thick in the first place.

I wondered if it might be possible to adapt a rimed case to work with the revolver removing the necessity for moon clips, possibly reducing the rim on a .45 Auto Rim case or cutting the length down on a Colt .45 case. If anyone has any ideas on any of this I'd really appreciate and advice.