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Instruction Manuals


Reloading Dies

Pistol3 Pistol 3 Die Set Instructions Pistol3.pdf
Pistol4 Pistol 4 Die Set Instructions Pistol4.pdf
RM3508 Rifle Reloading Die Instructions RM3508.pdf
RM3512 Collet Die Instructions RM3512.pdf
Ult Rifle Ultimate Rifle Die Instructions UltimateRifleDies.pdf
BP3271 50 BMG Instructions BP3271.pdf
RM3655 Rifle Factory Crimp Die SE3180.pdf
Carbide Carbide Factory Crimp Die CFCD.pdf
Taper Handgun Taper Crimp Die TCtapercrimp.pdf
PowThruDie Powder Through Expanding Die powthru.pdf
90292 Decapping Die 90292.pdf
90798 Universal Case Expanding Die 90798.pdf

Reloading Presses & Kits

90685 Breech Lock Hand Press 90685.pdf
90045 Breech Lock Reloader Press CF1391.pdf
OF1219 Breech Lock Challenger OF1219.pdf
90998 Classic Cast Instructions 90998.pdf
90999 Breech Lock Classic Cast BP1178.pdf
TP2131 Turret Press TP2131.pdf
90064 Classic Turret Press 90064.pdf
LA1088 Load-All LA1088.pdf
TR2441 Pro 1000 Instructions
Pro 1000 Cartridge Switch Instructions
Spanish Pro 1000 Instructions
LM3231 Load-Master LM3231.pdf
LM3559 223 Rem Load-Master LM3559.pdf
90074 Roller Handle Upgrade for Pro 1000 and Turret Press 90074.pdf
BF1174 Bullet Feeder Return Spring Installation BF1174.pdf
BF3498 Bullet Feed Kit 924 KB
RE1422 Rifle Lee Loader 1071 KB
RE1423 Pistol Lee Loader 1071 KB

Powder Handling

90811 Auto-Drum Powder Measure 90868.pdf
90868 Classic Powder Measure 90868.pdf
90453 Quick Change Drum Set 90453.pdf
90041 Auto Disk Riser AD2676.pdf
90058 Perfect Powder Measure AP1704.pdf
AD2302 Auto Disk (NEW 2017 disk chart available) AD2302.pdf
AD3398 Pro Auto Disk (NEW 2017 disk chart available) AD3398.pdf
DD1656 Double Disk Kit DD1656.pdf
90668 Short Charging Die 90668.pdf
90194 Long Charging Die 90194.pdf
90995 Charging Die Kit 90995.pdf
Dippers Lee Dippers 13 KB
SA2056 Safety Scale SA2056.pdf
AD2537 Adjustable Charge Bar AD2537.pdf

Priming Tools

PT1204 New Auto-Prime PT1204.pdf
90250 Ergo Prime 90250.pdf
90700 Auto Bench Prime PT3141.pdf
90997 Safety Prime 90997.pdf
90106 Ram Prime 90106.pdf

Case Conditioning Tools

1855 Bulge Buster kit 1855.pdf
90608 3 Jaw Chuck 90608.pdf
90899 Zip Trim 90899.pdf
CLG Case Length Gauge CLG.pdf
QT3989 Quick Trim (Deluxe/Value) QT3989.pdf
Rifle Quick Trim Dies 
QT3558 17 Rem
QT3683 204 Ruger
QT3684 22 Hornet
QT3905 222 Rem
QT3908 223 Rem
QT3918 22/250
QT3923 243 Win
QT3933 25/06 Rem
QT3937 6.5x55 Swedish
QT3939 260 Rem
QT3943 6.8 Rem SPC
QT3964 270 Winchester
QT3982 270 Win Short Mag
QT4000 7x57 Mauser
QT4001 7mm/08
QT4002 7mm Exp/280 Rem
QT4003 7mm Rem Mag
QT4004 7.5 x 55 Swiss
QT4005 7.62 x 39R
QT4006 7.62 x 54R
QT4007 30M1 Carbine
QT4008 30/30 Win
QT4009 300 Win Short Mag
QT4010 308 Win
QT4011 30/06
QT4162 300 AAC Blackout
QT4012 300 H&H
QT4013 300 Win Mag
QT4014 300 Whby Mag
QT4015 303 British
QT4016 8 x 57 Mauser
QT4017 338 Win Mag
QT4018 35 Remington
QT4019 375 H&H
QT4020 45/70 Government
QT4162 300 AAC Blackout
Pistol Quick Trim Dies
QT1022 9mm Luger
QT1334 9mm Makarov
QT1814 380 Auto
QT1849 38 Special
QT1908 357 Mag
QT2366 40 S&W
QT2422 10mm Auto
QT2972 41 Mag
QT2989 44 Special
QT3027 44 Mag
QT3029 45 ACP
QT3071 45 Colt
QT3089 454 Casull
QT3315 500 S&W

Bullet Casting

MoldDesignAssistance Custom Mold Design Assistance Sheet MoldDesignAssistance.pdf
Custom Mold Policy Custom Mold Policy CustomMoldPolicy.pdf
Cast Bullets Cast Bullet Dimensions Cast Bullets.pdf
90924 Lead Hardness Testing Kit 90924.pdf
90486 Buckshot Mold 90486.pdf
BM1206 Bullet Mold 1188 KB
SM 3529 Slug mold SM 3529.pdf
BS2003 Lube and Size Kit Instructions BS2003.pdf
EL3469 PRO 20 Melter & Magnum Melter EL3469.pdf
EM1142 Pro Pot IV & Precision Melter 1118 KB


2017 2017 Catalog  
90277 Modern Reloading Cartridges  

Reloading Stand & Bench Plate  

90688 Reloading Stand 90688.pdf
90251 Bench Plate 90251.pdf
Bench Plate Bench Plate Fit Guide Bench Plate.pdf
90267 Steel Base Block 90267.pdf
TMPBLC Breech Lock Challenger Template TMPBLC.pdf
TMPBLCC Breech Lock Classic Cast Template TMPBLCC.pdf
TMPCC Classic Cast Press/Pro 1000 Template TMPCC.pdf
TMPCTP Classic Turret Press Template TMPCTP.pdf
TMPLM Load-Master Template TMPLM.pdf
TMPLP Reloader Press Template TMPLP.pdf
90070 Load All Drill Template 90070.pdf
TMPMASTER Master Drill Template TMPMSTER.pdf